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Coming Autumn 2023 - Our first Circular Systems Course all about Land Labs

The Land Lab Course

Autumn of 2023 we are launching our first online course about land labs and circular systems.  Our goal is to share these ideas around circular systems and permaculture systems with as many people as possible.

Innovative ideas like methane digesters, solar ovens, rainwater catchment, biochar composting, passive shelter, and permaculture gardens need to be spread far and fast. 

These ideas allow individuals and communities to have more involvement and control over their food, water, shelter, sanitation, and energy systems.  Furthermore, these systems are often far more sustainable than expensive, centralized systems powered by non-renewables.

From creative shelters like Tiny Homes and Yurts, to green micro-mobility solutions like E-Bikes and the Aptera Solar Car, there is currently an explosion of affordable, sustainable, human-friendly technology.  We want to share these concepts with everyone.  

These ideas can give us more independence, healthier food, more affordable lifestyles, opportunities to strengthen our communities, and a more sustainable lifestyle.  It's long past time to think about how the 21st century should look compared to the 20th century. 

Young people should have hope about their future, homes should be creative and affordable, our towns should be made for people - not cars, food should heal us - not poison us, farms should build soil - not destroy it, this list could go on and on.

Let's spread these ideas and work to redesign our world to be greener, slower, more affordable, healthier and enjoyable for all.

Humans have always been part of nature, and it's time we relearn how to live properly within nature's environment for the benefit of all.

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