Land Lab

Land Lab Matrix

Land Lab Matrix

A land lab project can begin as a small dream by growing fresh herbs on a windowsill... and that dream can mature into a sustainable, regenerative community with dozens of passive homes, solar power, biomass recycling, micro-transit paths, organic gardens, composting stations, pastured livestock, a cafe or coffee shop, a vibrant local micro-economy, and increased biodiversity.  Land labs are experimental environments designed to help facilitate human freedom, health, well being, curiosity, clean innovation, and promote simple ideas to improve our communities.  Land labs are grass-roots, locally operated education environments to help experiment and develop sustainable methods in real world communities today.

As we develop our to allow you to create your own virtual land lab, we wanted to release the idea of the Land Lab Matrix.  It's basically "bingo" for the circular systems and sustainable ideas we promote within land labs.  This grid of ideas shows an array of the circular concepts used to obtain:  Water, food, energy, shelter, and sanitation in novel and sustainable ways.  All of these ideas won't work for everybody everywhere.  However, they will work for many people in many places.  This is what matters.  True sustainability has no silver bullets, and looks different in every single environment on earth.  This locally focused mindset is exactly what produced so many rich and diverse cultures prior to globalization.  Original sustainability: Small communities with an intimate knowledge of their immediate geography, building local solutions to feed, clothe, shelter, protect, entertain, and care for themselves.  Today's local sustainability will look different in some ways.  We're connected now, and will continue to layer some new technology upon old proven methods.  Enjoy the Land Lab Matrix below!

Sidenote:  "The Matrix" as in the movies, is essentially the opposite of land labs.  Land labs are a tool to move away from a meta-verse/media dominated, disempowered world of hyper-consumerists.  We use the term "matrix" as in in "grid" or "structure".  "The Matrix" is an artificial world controlled by big corporations.  Land labs are simple food systems and local energy systems controlled by local people to give people independence.  They are two very opposite sets of values and states of mind.

Check it out below! 

Land Lab Matrix

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