Off-grid October 2023

Off-grid October 2023

This October (2023) our team at Live Oak will be testing all three of our Acorn Land Lab sites to their full potential in supporting food, water, shelter, energy and sanitation systems:

The 3 Acorn Land Lab sites:

  • A1: Urban:  1/4 acre in-town
  • A2: Suburban: 2 acre
  • A3: Rural (peri-urban): 7 acre

We'll have 3 team members putting all of our off-grid, sustainable systems to the test by living in them during October 2023.

Solar panels, rainwater collection, water purification, garden systems, methane digesters, solar ovens, and more will all be used to support our team members living the Off-Grid-October experience.  We'll be videoing the experiences, and sharing the successes and challenges during our off-grid October experiment.

Land labs are a perfect testing ground to see how well sustainable technology can work in supporting a single person.  This is our "base case".  If we can provide the needs for a single person using sustainable, off-grid, local-first tech, we can scale up to support more.  This is how we change the fabric of how we live for the better.

We'll be using data from our Acorn Sensors to better inform how our systems will perform.  Our Acorn Land Labs provide the foundation for this Off-Grid-October experiment. 

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