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I will *own my things* and be happy

I will *own my things* and be happy

The Notion of Owning Nothing isn't Rooted in Sustainability, it's about ControlGuest Authored by Harrison BohrerGiven the dichotomous nature of environmental discourse, fostering active listening, ...

Off-grid October 2023

Off-grid October 2023

This October (2023) our team at Live Oak will be testing all three of our Acorn Land Lab sites to their full potential in supporting food, water, shelter, energy and sanitation systems: The 3 Acorn...

Land LabLand Lab Matrix

Land Lab Matrix

A land lab project can begin as a small dream by growing fresh herbs on a windowsill... and that dream can mature into a sustainable, regenerative community with dozens of passive homes, solar powe...

EducationSustainability + Off-grid

Sustainability + Off-grid

Off-grid living solutions are a sustainable approach to living that gives individuals more independence and responsibility. Innovative off-grid solutions such as composting, methane digesters, sol...

EducationThe need for STEM generalists

The need for STEM generalists

In today's world, students need to be equipped with a broad range of skills and knowledge to solve the complex, interconnected problems we face. No longer is it sufficient for students to speciali...

Clean energyTime for Micro-Mobility

Time for Micro-Mobility

Our world is facing major interconnected, car-related challenges:  Air pollution, increasingly expensive car infrastructure, massive CO2 emissions from billions of cars, biodiversity loss, along w...